The Mac Graveyard

 TMG stands for The Mac Group which is a group for businesses , sole trader

and partnership, full and part time, agents, users, enthusiast and worker.

Who are prepared to put themselves out to help other members and their

customers at reasonable discount rates and prices, therefore saving all of

the members money and to build a trusted network that customers and our

members can rely on not getting riped of by.

There is too many traders telling their customers that its their logic board

£700 please when its only their power supply that is dead! or that its their

processor when its only a bad contact on the power switch!!!

Customers need a group they can trust to get good quality parts etc. Not

ripped off by not getting what they pay for or getting junk parts etc.

There are some good traders out there like Wardshill on ebay who sells a

lot of G4 MDD parts that can be relied on to be top quality and working.

We point out that Wardshill has no association with The Mac Group he is one

of our competitors, but as one of the best we do not mind naming this good

honest source to get spares from.

 If you are a regular buyer of Mac's, parts for repair or trade then you may

be interested in membership as you will find that you will save money. You

may find that membership is also advantageous if you are spending a lot on

repairs or hire etc.

Although the membership fees may seem high to some, this you will find is

soon recovered by discounted prices etc.

Membership is limited and some will be held back for countries that have no

member based there, as we wish to have at lest one member in as many

countries as possible for obvious reasons!

If you are interested in membership then please get in touch.

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